When the Works All Done This Fall (CD)


When the Works All Done This FallDuane Dickenson  2003  (Project Liz was a part of)

  1. When the Work’s All Done This Fall
  2. Texas in the Spring
  3. Strawberry Roan
  4. High Toned Dance
  5. The Night Guard
  6. Tying Knots in the Devil’s Tail
  7. Cowboy Meditation
  8. My Home’s in Montana
  9. D-2 Horse Wrangler
  10. The Dreary Black Hills
  11. Cowboy’s Victimized
  12. ‘Longside the Santa Fe Trail
  13. Little Joe the Wrangler
  14. Goodbye Ol’ Paint
  15. Plain Bull
  16. Git Along Little Dogies
  17. The Long Long Texas Trail